Monday, January 18, 2010

Bhajans starting on K

Kshirabdhi Shayana Narayana
Kshirabdhi Shayana Nârâyana
Sri Lakshmi Ramana Nârâyana
Nârâyana Hari Nârâyana
Nata Jana Paripala Nârâyana
Vaikuntha Vasa Nârâyana
Vaidehi Mohana Nârâyana
Nârâyana Hari Nârâyana
Nârâyana Sriman Nârâyana
Narahari Rupa Nârâyana

O Lord Narayana! Reclining on the ocean of milk,
Thou art pleasing to Goddess Laksmi 
(*) (wealth).
O Resident of Vaikuntha (paradise),
protector and sustainer of devotees!
Thou hast incarnated as Lord Rama, Lord of Sita;
and as Lord Narahari
(Nrsimhadeva, 4th incarnation of Lord Narayana, half human half lion).
Chant the name of Lord Hari and Narayana. 

(*) Lakshmi: or the goddess of Fortune;
the eternal female companion of the Lord in His 
-form, with which he resides in all the Vaikuntha-worlds.

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